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Allan Moore

Thanks for this Mike

Just FYI, Dow is an alternative to McCalman. 

If you come across any Kennedy connections in your search, please let me know?


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Hi Harry, Allan,

I have been "researching" my GGrandmother Jane McAulay, born Portnahaven 1828. I have come across a couple of links with the McCalmans. A Mary McAulay married a Hugh McCalman on 27/12/1838, Mary died on 23/8/1893 her death registered by a niece Mary Dow??. I believe Hugh died before the 1851 Census.

Also, a Donald McCalman married a Mary McAulay, there were, at least 2 children Charles (b 5/8/1872) and Duncan (b 22/1/1874) both born at Carnain, Kilarrow. Both their birth records state that Donald & Mary married on 3/10/1871 in Greenock (I assume Renfrewshire), but I have not found a marriage record to get their respective parents.


Mike Mearns, Kent England

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Hi Harry

I have the same interests as you, as my paternal G—Grandparent was a McCalman. There seems to be a lot of confusion when I go back as there is confusion in that line between McAulay and Kennedy!

I will do a little information straightening out so I can put the problem on paper to forward it to you.
My DNA test revealed that my closest relative is a Kennedy and I have no written record of the link.


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Hi All My interests are McCalman, MacAuley, Dow all of Loch Gruinart Area
Regards HJD McCalman

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