Re: Suggestion

Ken Harrison

And I notice that a high proportion of the replies are posted without the message to which they refer.  Especially when the subject line is incorrect, this makes such messages almost useless.
This seems to happen when replies are sent using the links at the bottom.  The only way I could find to include the original on this is to use “reply” in my mail system. 

Ken iPad

On Jan 28, 2020, at 12:15 PM, Anne Farrar <afarrar@...> wrote:

Hi folks,
I’m sure you all have a hundred or so messages titled re: Roll Call? To help everyone in finding pertinent clues to their own tree may I suggest you title each message with a hint to its content.
Eg if you are responding to a message about a person, family, location put that in your subject!
I am finding it difficult to collate hints in other’s e-mails and they are important so please put the subject of your response on your e-mail!!

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