Roll Call ?

My ancestors are: Stewart, McEwing/McEwen/McOuin; Brown; McTaggart; McCaig/McCuaig; Wallace; Stevenson; McGeachy; Gilchrist

Archibald McEwing, born btwn 1730-40, married Katherine McTaggart in Kildalton on Dec. 21, 1759. Son John McEwing born 1761 in Kildalton, married Janet McTaggart on Feb. 7, 1790.
A son John born 1807, married Flora Stevenson, daughter of Neil Stevenson and Catherine McTaggart, about 1825. Child from the marriage was Joseph McEwing, born July 24, 1828 in Killallan, died Jun 14, 1888 in Campbeltown, Argyll. Joseph married Mary Wallace, daughter of John Wallace and Margaret Gilchrist on Dec. 13, 1853 in Campbeltown. Mary was born on Jan. 6, 1829 in Killean. A child from this marriage was Catherine McEwing, born March 10, 1857 in Campbeltown, died May 18, 1921.
Catherine married Hugh Stewart on Dec. 1, 1885. Hugh was son of John Stewart and Mary McCaig/McCuaig. Hugh was born in August 1846 in Easdale. Mary McCaig was daughter of Donald McCaig and Betsy Brown. John was a Tinsmith.
Hugh & Catherine had a son, Robert McEwing Stewart, born July 25, 1886, died July 25 1958 in Winnipeg, MB Canada.

Hugh Stewart is my “brick wall”. He was my paternal grandfather and I want to know where and when he died. After a hasty marriage to Catherine, he seems to have disappeared. I have early records of his life….he was a Masons Labourer. At age 17 he joined the army, 73rd Foot, and served long enough to have a Chelsea Pension. I’ve been unable to find any further record of his whereabouts and his death. Any help most appreciated!!

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