Roll Call - McMillans, MacNeills, MacDonalds, McNabbs of Kilarrow/ Bowmore

JandS O'Donnell

Hello All,

I haven’t been actively researching recently due to grandparenting duties, but my gg grandmother Ann/ Annie McMillan was from Bowmore, born around 1835/6. She married a John McPhail in Glasgow, but after 9 years of marriage and no children , he died in 1871. Less than 2 years later she gave birth to my g grandmother Mary Fraser McMillan, who was always known as Mary McPhail. I have no way of knowing who her father was. I have attached Mary’s photo, with her children, including my grandmother.
I have also attached the family tree , in case it is of any interest, showing Mary’s ancestors in Islay. ( The blue boxes show marriage dates. )  Although I researched the McPhail side they are really not connected to my family.

The main families I’m researching therefore are McMillans, MacNeills, MacDonalds and McNabbs - all of Kilarrow in late 18thC.

Sheila O’Donnell

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