Re: Roll Call ?


Hi All,

I am researching the following families: McGillivray, Calder, Dallas, Lamont


Researching       Details                                                                                        Islay Location                                                                    Emigrated to                                                

McGillivray          John b. 1810 married Jane Dallas                                         Moved to Glassary then Greenock in 1841                Arthur Twp. Ontario 1845                               

Calder                   James b. 1838 father of James Calder McGillivray            Born in Oa                                                                         Egremont Twp. Ontario 1863

Dallas                    Jane b. 1806                                                                             Mulindry Farm                                                                 Arthur Twp. Ontario 1845

Lamont                 James b. 1833  married Mary Jane McGillivray                  Kilchoman                                                                         Egremont Twp. Ontario 1836

Lamont                 Angus b. 1767    (grandfather of Angus b.1837)                Port Ellen                                                                          Remained in Islay

Lamont                  Angus b. 1837 married Isabella McGillivray                       Born Canada                                                                      Egremont Twp. Ontario


Thank you,

John McGilvary

Calgary Canada


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