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The attached photo now has explanatory text added to it and could replace the one already on the Islay web site - see below

Phil Hubsmith, Erskine. Scotland
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Subject: Re: [Islay] Roll Call ?
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2020 15:52:53 +0000
From: Philip Hubsmith <p.hubsmith@...>

Hi Diane/All,

Hello and best wishes to everyone!

My interest is with McFadyen, McGilvary, Morrison, McEwan - I believe mainly from Bowmore

My great grandparents are: -

Hugh McFadyen: B 1835 - D 1907 / Elizabeth Morrison - (photo attached): B 1841 - D 1922. Both born in Bowmore but moved to Dumbarton and then Clydebank. Hugh's brother Donald was the Post Master at 'old' Bowmore Post Office, now a private residence and to the left of The Lochside Hotel on Shore Steet - 2 x photos attached

Hugh and Elizabeth had 8 children?: John, Catherine, Euphemia, Flora (my grandmother), Elizabeth, Mary Anne, Margaret, Angus - oldest, B 1862 - D 1929

Hugh's parents were: Angus McFadyen and Anne McGilvary / Elizabeth's parents were: John Morrison: B 1791? - Dead at 1851 and Margaret (or Anne) McEwan: B 1801

Note: Many of the above dates are from 'scribbles' and need to be verified

Thank-you to everyone involved in getting this up and running - I will follow with interest

Phil Hubsmith, Erskine. Scotland
On 22/01/2020 06:41, Diane Rogers wrote:

Hi, everyone. 

There are now 177 of us here. Would you like to start a roll call? Just the Islay people's names and places you are interested in.

I am thinking we can also build up a database for the people we are researching.

We can post images too - however - there is an overall size limit for images on free lists here. So be cautious and resize them, please.  I would love to see photos of those we know came from Islay, if we have them.


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