Re: McFadyens on Islay

Philip Hubsmith

Hi Charles,

Thank-you very much for that detailed information

Just in case it is of interest to you, I have been to the following local graves: -

Kilbowie Cemetery, Clydebank: All in the same unmarked lair (I hope to get a stone erected at a some point) - Hugh McFadyen D 17.03.1907 / Elizabeth McFadyen (Morrison) D 09.12.1922 / Catherine McGeorge (McFadyen) B 1871

Arkleston Cemetery, Renfrew: Flora Fleming (McFadyen) B 1879 D 03.03.47

Anyway, thank-you once again for your help
Phil Hubsmith, Erskine, Scotland
On 25/01/2020 15:46, Chas Houston wrote:

I keep a large database of McFadyens, and others as listed below, from Islay.

My Islay connections are via McFadyen, McArthur, McIntyre, Beaton, Taylor, McLachlan, Carmichael,etc

The Angus McFadyen tree, as I now have it,  is as the mcfadyen.pdf file attached.


Charles MacFadyen Houston b 1943 Glasgow - not related to this tree yet.


On 25-Jan-20 3:10 PM, Philip Hubsmith via Groups.Io wrote:

Hi Roger,

OMG! If you dont mind and it is not too much trouble - immediate interest is the following: -

GG Grandparents:

Angus McFadyen 1834-8.7.1811? died age 60 and spouse Ann McGilvary 17.06.1794-19.03.1874 died aged 80: Married 18.01.1831

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