Re: Islay


I have long had a 'brickwall' concerning my g.g. grandparents on Islay, but with the renewed interest and more DNA studies, I'm hoping someone might be able to enlighten me. My g.grandmother, Mary McArthur, christened 14 Mar 1840 at Islay House Farm, was daughter to James McArthur, b. abt. 1805 (Ag lab at Islay House), and Annabella McGilvray (b. abt. 1807), Marriage, 13 Feb 1827 at Kilchoman. Annabella was daughter to Archibald McGilvray (b, abt. 1776, Kilarrow, d. 5/04/1859) and Margaret McInnes (b. abt. 1772, Kilmeny). Archibald's parents were Alexander McGilvray and Marion McTaggart. Marriage, 21 Mar 1773, Kilarrow (names on certificate were 'Alex McIloray and Marrion McIntagart). So far, so good with that.......problem is with the elusive James McArthur. Still trying to find if he was from Islay (marriage certificate says he was from from Kilchoman at time of marriage), and some subsequent census taken says he was. Copy I have of his death certificate ( June, 1866, Glasgow) with info given by widow, Annabella, says his parents were Duncan McArthur and Mary Currie. Can find nothing anywhere, so far to confirm. Roger McWee could not find as to Islay, and have turned up nothing via Scotlands People that might shed some light in a concrete manner. I am not particularly savvy as to computers or research, so hoping someone might fill in some of the gaps in this family, as younger members of my family are now interested in their lineage, for which I am grateful.     Diana Vandiviere

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